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Storage silo and All silo accessory 1

November 24, 2020

Silo Equipment

Bulk solid storage silos has several equipment attached to them to function properly. Product level in the silo is monitored. Silo filter is used for dust collection. Pressure sensors, pressure relief valves work for silo safety. Discharge aid equipments work for durable product flow. Valves and feeders control the silo discharge.


Silo jet filters are used to prevent any dust emmission from silo. During pneumatic conveying of bulk solids to the silo, there exists air and dust within silo. Jet filter is used to discharge the air and filter the dust. Cement, ash, food, plastics, minerals are generally loaded to silos by pneumatic conveying systems of bulk trucks. Silo filters are used to vent these silos without dust emmission.


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Silo Level Switch / Sensor

Silo level switches (sometimes called as silo level sensor) are used to monitor the bulk material level in the silo. A rotating paddle on the sensor is submerged into the silo. When the product fills the surroundings of the paddle, it can not rotate anymore. And a signal is generated to indicate that the level is over the position of level sensor.